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[AGREE SEN SUB AS AMENDED] HB 159 Domestic relations; adoption; substantially revise general provisions

Voted on Thursday February 1, 2018

Michael Caldwell's thoughts

The Senate substituted the original bill with many of their own changes. Some of the highlights that are now being addressed in the House:

HB 359
This legislation was adopted by the House & Senate and vetoed by the Governor. The Senate amended the bill into this legislation. The version included in the bill now has been worked through with the Governor, and all parties are comfortable with the language.

10 Day Revocation Period
The original bill allowed a mother to waive her right to 10 days of taking the infant back after the adoption was completed.

Living Expenses
Its currently allowed for agency adoptions to provide living expenses for mothers. Private adoptions are prohibited from allowing for living expenses. The mother's needs haven't changed though. The House asserts these expenses should be allowed for either scenario. The Senate disagrees.

Original description from 2017:
"This legislation is a massive rewrite of Georgia's broken adoption law. The last time it was revised was 1990. The author incorrectly stated in the well of the House that I hadn't been born by then, but I corrected him during debate. Among many other provisions, one of the most important provisions is to allow out of state residents to finalize an adoption of a Georgian born child in Georgia- avoiding conflicts with other state laws."

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