Friday, January 27, 2017

This Week in Your Capitol | 23-26 January 2017

Week 1: Legislative Days 5-8

We’re really starting to get into the swing of things now. After a week off due to the MLK holiday and the Presidential Inauguration last week, your General Assembly was back in action this week. Committees have started meeting, the Georgia Supreme Court gave its “State of the Judiciary”, bills are being filed and votes are being cast.

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Three of my committees held organizing meetings this week. As Secretary of the Code Revision Committee, I’m proud to report that Chairman Brockway has ordered that the committee will re-engage efforts to pull together a repeal package to be passed over the two year biennium. This will mimic the efforts of Chairman Calvin Hill that resulted in HB 252, the “J. Calvin Hill Jr. Act” which was a repeal package that I carried and was signed by the Governor in 2015. I’m very proud to say that I have repealed more law than I have written in my tenure, and the Code Revision committee will continue those efforts.

The Economic Development and Tourism Committee also met and prepared for the upcoming session as did Budget and Fiscal Affairs Oversight. The latter committee has been tasked by the Speaker with an exciting mission. In response to the new administration in Washington, Chairman Chaffetz (R-UT) of the US House Oversight Committee has asked each state to study federal regulations in their state and make recommendations for repeal or replacement. Our Budget and Fiscal Affairs Committee will be engaging in that mission, and I look forward to engaging in those efforts.

The only substantive vote made in the House this week was for the supplemental FY17 budget. Each year we pass two budgets: first a “true-ing up” of the current fiscal year (as we conveniently meet halfway through the budget year) and second (later in the session) a full budget for the upcoming fiscal year starting on 01 July. You can see some summarized details at my legislative tracker here, or more detailed information from the House Budget Office here.

Finally, and most exciting to me, Senate Bill 85 was filed on Thursday. This legislation represents a deal between the Georgia Craft Brewers and Georgia Beer Wholesalers that has support from leadership in both chambers. In short: Craft Beer Freedom in Georgia could be a reality before the end of this session.

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Go make it an Outstanding weekend!

Representative Michael Caldwell
20th District | House of Representatives
152nd, 153rd and 154th General Assemblies
State of Georgia