Friday, February 24, 2017

This Week in Your Capitol | 21-24 February 2017

We are through legislative day 24 of 40 and now 60% of the way through 2017′s legislative session.

The workload finally became real this week. We voted on 55 bills in the House of Representatives including local legislation, and had several very long days. Suffice it to say, I’m tired, and next week we’re going into the busiest week of the session.

Some of the legislative highlights from this week:

HB168 and HB157 were both provisions that repealed law. 168 removed the Upper Oconee Water Management Commission which was obsolete and 157 removed a provision requiring physicians to be certified by one of two private associations in order to call themselves ‘board certified’. This placed other associations at an unfair competitive disadvantage.

HB 243 was a largely partisan battle. The bill prevented local governments from requiring private businesses compensate employees for hours they were scheduled for but did not work.

HB 37 was another partisan split. It prohibited state funding from being granted to private colleges and universities that establish a sanctuary policy.

HB 239 was a measure that would require continuing education hours on low voltage wiring technicians. Several of us had rallied members and successfully defeated the measure last year as it was an unnecessary additional burden on working class Georgians in an industry that by definition cannot be dangerous (the dangerous wires are called *high* voltage). It returned, several of us took to the well, and I’m glad to report it was defeated again.

We also had multiple bills to help ensure Georgia is serving our military families to the best of our ability (continuing efforts to ensure Georgia remains competitive in case of another BRAC commission).

The House of Representatives will remain out of session until Monday (27FEB) morning at 10:00am, and will continue through Wednesday (01MAR) afternoon. Then we will take Thursday off in preparation for Friday which will mark “Crossover Day”. Crossover is the last day that a bill can make it out of its originating chamber. (House bills can no longer be considered in the House after crossover day.) Typically, the legislative session will run from 10:00am until close to midnight on Crossover Day, so pray for us as we endeavor toward that extremely long day.

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Go make it an Outstanding weekend!

Representative Michael Caldwell
20th District | House of Representatives
152nd, 153rd & 154th General Assemblies
State of Georgia