Friday, March 24, 2017

This Week in Your Capitol | 20-24 March 2017

Two days left. Today marked legislative day 38 of our 40 constitutionally permitted session days. This week has been a busy one between our launch of Georgia’s bipartisan “Future Caucus”, some controversial measures on the floor and preparation for the last two days (typically the busiest days of the session).
First and foremost, SB 85 (the craft beer bill) received its final “agree” from the Senate and now sits on the Governor’s desk! We’ve done it. The General Assembly has finally decided to allow these entrepreneurs to be able to compete with their counterparts in 49 other states. Its a good day for business in Georgia. Cheers!

As I told you last week, this Wednesday marked the launch of Georgia’s bipartisan “Future Caucus” in partnership with the Millennial Action Project. Sticking with a principle I’ve held dear that partisanship should never get in the way of good policy, I joined with about a dozen or so of my millennial colleagues in launching a caucus of Republicans and Democrats looking to find common ground. I am honored to have been selected as the Republican Co-Chair. WSB and a few other media outlets gave us some nice coverage, and you can watch the WSB tv spot linked above.

The most disappointing measure to pass the House this week was SB 201 which mandates employers who offer sick days to allow at least five of those days be used for family leave. Though well intentioned (and already practiced by a dramatic majority of employers) it is yet another example of government getting between an employee and employer. I took to the well of the House to speak against the measure, and we managed to garner 51 votes against it. Unfortunately, the measure passed and has returned to the Senate for a final “agree”.

The House will reconvene on Tuesday and will be in session Tuesday (Day 39) and Thursday (Sine Die, Day 40). Just those two days remaining and we can all go dig our wallets out from where we buried them for safety against the legislature in our backyards! Don’t forget that you can track my votes via my legislative tracker and on Twitter. You can also keep up with other legislative updates by following me on Facebook or my website.

Let me know if I can be of service to you- Please don’t ever hesitate to call. Thank you for allowing me to represent our families.

Go make it an Outstanding weekend!

Representative Michael Caldwell
20th District | House of Representatives
152nd, 153rd & 154th General Assemblies
State of Georgia