Friday, March 10, 2017

This Week in Your Capitol | 06-10 March 2017

This Week in Your Capitol

Week 8: Legislative Days 29, 30, 31

When I last wrote to you, we were in the midst of the craziness of “crossover day”. Now that we’re through that important milestone (the last day a bill can be passed through the chamber of its origin), it finally feels like we’re on the back nine of the session.

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The evening of crossover is always exciting. I had made note to write you about several pieces of legislation that we had managed to vote down on the floor: a bill raising taxes on services like Uber, Lyft and AirBNB and a bill to exempt musicians from paying income tax on royalties for their music. Both measures were defeated when put up for a vote, and I looked forward to sharing the news with you. What I didn’t see coming was that both measures would return later that evening and pass. I’d encourage you each to reach out to your Senator to see if we can stop the new tax on Uber in the other chamber. I certainly intend to make a call of my own.

This week has been a simple one. Its like standing in the eye of a hurricane. After the House sends all its bills to the Senate (and vis versa), the process starts over and those bills must make it through the committee process before they can be considered on the floor. We started the week with a short session on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday were designated as committee days and saw quite a bit of activity. We returned for session on Thursday and today (Friday) and will be returning again this coming Monday.

The House will reconvene on Monday and will remain in session through Thursday of next week. Don’t forget that you can track my votes via my legislative tracker and on Twitter. You can also keep up with other legislative updates by following me on Facebook or my website.

Let me know if I can be of service to you- Please don’t ever hesitate to call. Thank you for allowing me to represent our families.

Go make it an Outstanding weekend!

Representative Michael Caldwell
20th District | House of Representatives
152nd, 153rd and 154th General Assemblies
State of Georgia