Tuesday, December 26, 2017

“Here’s one reason to be optimistic about politics: Millennials in office”

In February 2017 I had the honor of launching the Georgia Future Caucus along with my Democratic co-chair Rep. Dar-shun Kendrick in participation with the Millennial Action Project out of Washington, D.C.

This week, Salon.com featured a piece by Steven Olikara, the founder of the Millennial Action Project, talking about successes with these caucuses around the nation. I’m very grateful to him for featuring my stance on special interest money and returning my campaign war chest as examples of millennial leadership in legislatures in the United States.

From Salon.com:

“In Georgia, Future Caucus Co-Chair Representative Michael Caldwell has spearheaded ethics reform and led by example. In addition to refusing money from special interests and immediately disclosing every donation made to his campaign, he takes the unorthodox step of giving up hiswebsite campaign war chest at the end of every two-year cycle. Why? Caldwell says, ‘if you live in my district and you want to campaign against me, I should start from scratch just like you do.’”