Campaign Issues

  1. Role of Government
  2. Accountability
  3. Transparency
  4. Local Control
  5. Life
  6. 2nd Amendment
  7. Education
  9. ObamaCare
  10. Lobbyist Dollars
  11. Consecutive Term Limits
  12. Above All

Role of Government

The primary purpose of government is to protect the life and liberty of its people. Aside from this purpose, the smaller the better. This is true for every level of government. Whether it’s Local, State, or Federal; keeping government interference with the lives of its citizens to the smallest level possible should and must be every Legislator’s primary task.


Our Republic fails when the “public servants” that we send to the Capitol fail to place our interests before their own. When deals are brokered behind closed doors and Representatives fail to adequately represent, our State ceases to answer to the people and begins to answer to the “elected” few. As a supporter of legislative term limits, campaign finance and electoral reform, I believe that there are many steps that our legislature can take in order to make themselves even more accountable to the constituency they claim to represent.

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Advances in social networking and web-based sharing have made it easier than ever for a public official to share information instantly with as many as would like to receive it. As a candidate for State House in the past, I have always made use of social media and other methods of disseminating information, and I have utilized it to make it as easy as possible to access my campaign finance records, my contact information, my stances on the issues, current happenings and much more. Real transparency in government requires not only innovation but also a real desire to involve the public in their own government.

Local Control

Local government is always more accountable to and efficient for its people than its State or Federal counterparts. The elected officials are more easily reached and more easily corrected at the ballot box in cases of wrong doing. Evidence of taxes spent are more visible to those being taxed and when taxes are taken without result, the people are always aware. While keeping this in mind, it should always be a State Representative’s goal to limit the amount of governing done at the State and Federal level and to return said powers to local governments or to the people.


As discussed in the “Role of Government”, the primary purpose of government is to protect the “unalienable”, God-given right to life. As a Legislator I will fight to protect Georgia’s citizens’ right to life from the moment of conception to natural death. To advance this cause I will support endeavors to recognize that the right to life is granted by God, not government.

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2nd Amendment

Every American, by constitutional right, should be able to bear arms. As a Representative in the Georgia General Assembly, I will devote myself to protecting the right of Georgia’s citizens to keep and carry their weapons. Every American has a right to defend themselves and to own the tools with which to do so.

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We need to prepare children for their future, not the future

I have attended nearly every School Board Meeting since I announced my first candidacy in July of 2009. My wife and I both attended and graduated from Cherokee County Public Schools. School Choice and Educational Freedom are both causes that I will fight vigorously for, and I will do so while continuing my unique relationship with School Board Members, School Administration, and fostering a new and deserved conversation between our Legislature and County Board of Education.


I will be voting “NO” on the T-SPLOST.

T-SPLOST is a new, regional sales tax initiative that we will vote on in the July 31st primary. This tax will pass or fail based on the total votes in our ten county region which is arguably a violation of the Home Rule clause of the Constitution of Georgia. The project list that will be funded by this tax includes multiple instances of Operations and Maintenance for MARTA, which was strictly forbidden by the legislature. If we are to pass this measure, we will be enacting a 10 year tax to cover projects that will last more than ten years (effectively requiring that we decide to tax ourselves again a decade from now). This initiative is unconstitutional and illegal.


Georgia must fight the implementation of ObamaCare, the most oppressive invasion of government into the private sector in our nation’s history.

We must refuse to allow the Federal Government to begin regulating one sixth of America’s economy. My father was born in England, well known for their socialized medicine. The majority of my family on my father’s side remains in the U.K., and I can tell you from personal experience: Nationalized Healthcare does not work. It decreases both the quality and availability of care for everyone. Though the Supreme Court failed to strike down America’s version of Europe’s failures, Georgia can and should continue the fight against its implementation.

Lobbyist Dollars

I accept no value in the form of lobbyist contributions or gifts while campaigning or in my role as an elected official.

From January to March of 2012, there were over $866,000 in lobbyists gifts in Georgia. As voters, it is our responsibility to elect candidates that say “NO” to all lobbyist contributions and gifts. The only contributions I accept as a candidate are from Georgia’s citizens and businesses.

I refuse contributions from lobbyists, PACs, political campaigns, Party Committees, and from any person or entity outside the state of Georgia. According to State Ethics Filings, most of my opponent’s 2012 campaign funding comes from these sources rather than the citizens she wishes to represent.

Consecutive Term Limits

I believe in Consecutive Term Limits for our State Legislature because I believe in citizen legislators, not career politicians. This legislation would limit a legislator from holding a single office for more than 4 consecutive two-year terms. After said period, a State Representative or Senator must step down from their position for at least two years before running again. After two years away from their particular office the candidate is then able to run again, but this time without an incumbency advantage.

The American people have seen the effectiveness of term limits as a control over corruption with our President and the majority of our Governors. This measure would extend the same controls that we see fit in the Executive Branch to our Legislature, which many other States have already implemented.

Above All

My stance on the issues should and always will reflect what the people I represent want out of the issues. As a Representative I believe it will be my job to make judgments and express opinion, but it will be my primary responsibility in matters of creation of law and budget that I represent what the majority of my constituents believe to be the best choice. Having said that, it is also the responsibility of a Representative to protect and serve the Constitution of both the United States and of the State of Georgia. When a bill or resolution comes in conflict with either of these documents, which are the backbone of our Republic and our Freedom, it is a Public Servant’s responsibility to denounce and vote against it regardless of the personal, monetary or electoral ramifications.