About Michael Caldwell

Michael Caldwell is the Republican Representative for Georgia State House, District 20.

Michael and his wife Katie were both raised in Cherokee County, Georgia. After having received his education from Cherokee County Public Schools, Michael earned his Business Finance degree from Kennesaw State University in less than three years. Michael remains involved in Cherokee County’s educational system by maintaining an active relationship with School Board members and attending nearly every School Board Meeting as he has done for the past few years.

Michael and Katie are lifelong members of Hillside United Methodist Church, and have both been very active volunteers with the church’s youth programs. Michael completed a five year job with the church during high school and college which allowed him the opportunity to work with thousands of Cherokee County’s seventh and eighth grade students.

Michael is currently working for Python Safety, Inc., a Cherokee County based company selling safety equipment to the nuclear industry.

From finishing his four-year degree in two years and eight months, to hand copying the New Testament, to working with thousands of Cherokee County’s middle school students through Hillside UMC, Michael is a dedicated over-achiever. Michael Caldwell will be your working citizen legislator at the Capitol for the 2013-2014 legislative session.